“Thanks for publishing the last two pieces and all those pieces last year. You have been the best editor I have ever had the good fortune of working with over my last three decades.”
— Regular Toronto Star Opinion page contributor

Hey, brilliant job … You saved this piece.”
—Best-selling Canadian author and occasional Toronto Star Opinion page contributor

“You have been a joy to work with — very patient and understanding … I might write a book entitled ‘The Perils of Writing a Column’ and dedicate it to you!!”
— Regular Toronto Star Opinion page contributor

“Dear Scott. Many, many thanks, you did a wonderful job on the article.”
— Toronto Star Opinion page contributor

A thank you note from an award-winning Toronto Star reporter who was an intern when I was a city news assignment editor. This note was also co-addressed my teammate on the assignment desk.
“Thank you for always being there for us and supporting us, when we were stressed out or scrambling or screwing up. And for trusting us with the stories, and more importantly, for so often helping us make them more. I am so grateful and look forward to working with you again closely soon hopefully.”

From a web posting by now retired Toronto Star news and sports reporter Curtis Rush:
Best assignment editors: Scott Colby, Barry Brimbecom and John Sakamoto. They pushed me to heights I never thought I would reach, and never once did they use a heavy hand or cattle prod. They could write the book on how to get the most out of a reporter without shattering his or her confidence.